Previous Parish Projects

Playgrounds for Palestine

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In 2019 we raised funds for Playgrounds for Palestine which is a non-political charity that believes that all children have the right to play, irrespective of where they live.

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Through The Roof

In 2018 we supported Through The Roof, which is a Christian disability charity that works to enable disabled people to belong and contribute to church.
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Through The Roof provides support and fellowship to disabled Christians in the UK, through a network of 20 groups, and by providing accessible holidays and retreats.
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Through The Roof also works overseas by providing disability training to churches and sending refurbished wheelchairs and mobility aids to disabled people who can't afford one.
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In 2016 we supported WorkAid, a charity based in Chesham.
WORKAID tackles poverty by providing disadvantaged people with the tools they need to learn a skilled trade and earn a living. Since 1986, WORKAID has helped around 100,000 disadvantaged people to break the cycle of poverty and build better lives for themselves and their families.
WorkAidUnwanted tools and equipment are collected from all over the UK and refurbished by a team of dedicated volunteers at the WORKAID workshop.
The refurbished tools are then sent to vocational training projects where they help vulnerable and disadvantaged people to learn trade skills and start their own businesses. Any items which are not suitable for sending overseas can be sold in the WORKAID shop or on e-bay to help fund our work.
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